About us

Our aim has always been to be Africa’s foremost distributor of sporting goods and supplies. In order to achieve this strategic ambition we had to re-invent the way we approach the market.
With our focus on a selective range of premium brands for the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry, we continued to build on strong strategic partnerships fostered over the last 4 years. We have steadily grown into a position of strength from where we can truly expand our reach- growing our National and Sub Saharan footprint to the point where we are seen as a market leading distributor.
Since inception during 2011 we have experienced exponential growth in turnover and import volumes. The 2015 calendar year in particular showed a growth of 160% year on year and this trend is set to continue.  Our company ethos was crafted through solid work ethics, family values, humility, respect, honesty & integrity. We believe these values were the foundation of several trust relationships  with world class brands and as a result we were able to add value to their respective brands as exclusive distribution partner. 
The 2015 year saw Inyathi investing heavily in infrastructure and facilities to cope with the increased level of activity. The main distribution center in Pretoria North was expanded to include a further 1000sqm (10,000sq foot) of storage and safe space.