JSB Pellets best for Weihrauch Air Rifles

The JSB pellet range is the best match for your Weihrauch air rifle. We have a wide range of JSB pellets available.

Hornady Product Range

We have a massive range of Hornady reloading equipment and ammo available. Lock-n-Load®, the G2-1500 Electronic Scale (see video), American Gunner®, American Whitetail®, Critical Defense®, Critical Duty®, Custom™, Dangerous Game™ Series, Full Board®, Match™, to name just a few...

Savage 260 Rem VLP

The Savage 260 Rem VLP is a limited addition and exclusive to the South African marked. The stock Is Laminated, its pillar bedded, Oversized Bolt Handle, Detachable Box Magazine and it’s got a stainless steel bull barrel which is fluted.

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