our story

Our industry is steeped in tradition and as the link between manufacturer and end-user, we understand the importance of building long-lasting relationships.

Since inception in 2011, Inyathi has experienced exponential growth in import volumes and sales. Inyathi focusses only on leading international brands and from the outset did not take on brands just to build volume.

Every partnership was carefully weighed and immense focus goes into launching and subsequently growing those brands consistently year by year. We believe growth should come from the progress made within brand houses and not by taking on the maximum number of new products and brands as possible and eventually diminishing focus on the existing portfolio as a result.

Our company ethos was forged by combining solid work ethics, family values, humility, respect, honesty and integrity. We believe these values were the foundation of the trust relationships and friendships we have with world-class brands.

Through consistent hard work and solid year on year performance, we are very proud to showcase some of the most prominent brands in the world.


Inyathi operates from a facility conveniently located to the north of Pretoria.

This custom-built facility had the largest private African armoury accessible with a forklift enabling quick turnaround times on loading and offloading.

Our Team

The Inyathi team is highly energetic and extremely focused. Teamwork and relentless focus have rendered this business the fastest growing entity in the OIH portfolio. Meet the team here.

  • Jan Swanepoel

    General Manager

  • Helmut Steidler

    Procurement Manager

  • Anton de Wet

    Sales Manager

  • Felecia Swanepoel

    Admin Manager

  • Dewald Herbst

    Sales Representative

  • Ruben Rheeder

    Sales Representative