Frankford Arsenal

The original Frankford Arsenal opened in 1816 in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the center of U.S. military small-arms ammunition design and development until its closure in 1977. Most veteran reloaders are familiar with the famous initials "FA" on military .30-06 brass - and for good reason. In addition to massive small arms ammunition production, Frankford Arsenal was responsible for almost all of the research and development and manufacture of U.S. Army field reloading equipment for the .45-70, .50-70, .30-40 Krag, and .30-06.

Today's Frankford Arsenal, while unrelated to the US Government Armory, carries on the same spirit of quality and innovation through Frankford Arsenal brand reloading products. By offering well designed and quality products, Frankford Arsenal has become one of the world's leading brands of metallic reloading equipment while striving to preserve this famous name.

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