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Sourcing the best from all over the World

Top quality sport shooting brands

Through consistent hard work and solid year on year performance, we are very proud to showcase some of the most prominent brands in the world. To name a few of the brands we distribute in South Africa:

Ticking all the boxes

We cover all the categories in the Sport Shooting industry, from firearms, to ammunition and reloading to gunsmithing parts and accessories.

  • Savage Valkyrie – Engineered to break barriers

    The MSR 15 Valkyrie gets maximum performance from the 224 Valkyrie cartridge, which was developed to deliver supersonic velocities past 1,300 yards, extremely flat trajectories and match accuracy. The…

  • LabRadar – the Chronograph Era is over

    LabRadar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows and even…

  • Nosler – it’s what’s on the inside that counts

    The more you hunt, the more you start to realize how unpredictable and unforgiving nature can be, which is why Nosler® engineered the Ballistic Tip® Hunting…

  • Nightforce NX8™

    The Nightforce NX8™ scope range has stayed true to their reputation of extreme durability while offering improved image quality over the NXS. Available in 1-8×24 F1,…

  • M&P® Pistols

    Meet the M&P® pistol range from Smith & Wesson. Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your…

  • Steyr Classic II Rifle

    High reliability, long service life, maximum precision and convenience of use, are only a few of the characteristics of the Steyr Mannlicher CL II. In combination…

  • Browning Lifestyle

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